Get Customers To A Website, And Keep Them Coming Back

Today, every business has a website. Whether it is simply a website informing them about their services or a full e-commerce website with world-wide shipping, it is still there. Often, businesses create a website and then wonder why they are not getting a lot of traffic. Well, there are quite a few things that it takes to make sure that internet users find the website, and then there are few more that will keep customers coming back for more.

Getting them there

The first step in getting customers to keep visiting a website is to make sure that they show up in results, and usually search engine optimization is all that it takes to complete this step. There are quite a few affordable marketing agencies that offer search engine optimization packages, and many of them have blogs that will help businesses out that want to give DIY search engine optimization a shot. This will help businesses to rank higher in results, and will help get customers to the website.

Loading time

Search engine optimization is only one part of getting customers to see the products and services that are available on a website. After clicking on the link on the results page, potential customers will expect a page to load in a few short seconds. If a page loads too slow, those potential customers will more than likely click the back button, and they more than likely will not come back.


After the webpage loads, a potential customer will begin to browse through the website. If the website is for a business that offers specific services, those should be stated clearly on the front page. A customer should never visit a website and then find themselves lost and wondering what the company does. This can lead to people going back to the results and discovering other companies that are also great at search engine optimization.

Include the details

In addition to including the services, businesses should also make sure to include key details about the business, such as contact information, an address if applicable, and hours of operation. These will help give potential customers the information that they need to become a customer. For example, a website visitor cannot become a customer if they cannot reach the business.


All of the other information will help get a person to the website, and can help transform them from a website visitor to a customer, but if that is all that is on a website, they may only come back to the website when they need the phone number for a business. Providing them with useful content will keep them coming back to see what new blogs and tips have been posted.

For example, if an person loves new hair styles and hair products, a business that sells hair products can help bring in customers and increase their traffic by posting regular blogs about the latest styles, trends and fun DIY videos. Blogs are another great way to include keywords for search engine optimization.

Don’t sound too salesy

One of the primary mistakes that businesses make is sounding to salesy when they write a blog. While the idea is to sell the product, every blog should also provide useful information that the customer will want to read, and it will somehow benefit them. This is one of the many things that can make a huge difference. It can easily turn customers away and make them feel as though businesses only care about their money. A well-written blog, however, will make customers feel as though the business cares about them, and will keep them coming back.

Creating a website, attracting customers in the first place and then keeping them coming back to the website may seem like a challenge, but following these few tips can help any business get well on their way to having a successful website.

British Public Choose to Leave the EU, What Does This Mean for Property Investors?

The British public has taken the monumental decision to leave the European Union. What does that mean for those looking to invest in the UK’s property market?

An Opportunity for Overseas Investors to Take Advantage of the Pound Sterling’s Short Term Weakness

The pound sterling has been strong and stable currency. There is an opportunity for overseas property investors to take advantage of the short-term weakness in the wake of the EU Referendum result. The pound sterling has devalued relative to other currencies but the long term fundamentals are still true: The U.K conducts most of the financial transactions between the USA and Europe. The is no reason why this would not continue. Additionally, the U.K and England in particular have a safe political environment. If overseas investors purchase property during this period of uncertainty it is cheaper in relative terms and the GBP could rebound thereby leading to a quick appreciation and profit for the investor.

Britain Leaving the EU Means Less Competition in the Property Market

There has been much speculation as to how a vote to leave would affect investors and the property market in the UK. Ratings agency Moody’s reported that Brexit would affect London’s housing market the most, as there would be fewer sales to EU nationals which means less competition and subsequently lower house prices. This is good news for potential investors, who can take advantage of falling property prices. Although there may be fewer sales to EU nationals, the UK will no longer be bound by EU regulations of property investing and sales, which could be beneficial to potential investors.

Brexit Means Lower Interest Rates on Mortgages

Economists have argued that interest rates should be set to fall, as the Bank of England tries to stimulate the economy. This is welcome news to anyone looking to take out a mortgage on a property, and even in the run up to the referendum five and ten year fixed-rate mortgages have been at their lowest ever level.

How Will the Leave Vote Affect Student Accommodation?

On the whole, the demand for purpose built student accommodation should not be so affected by the Brexit vote. Although some EU students may be dissuaded from studying in the UK following the result in the fear that they’d be charged the same fee as an international student, EU students account for just 6% of full time students studying in the UK. Furthermore, it’s not entirely clear whether universities will charge EU students a higher fee, UCL has one of the highest number of EU students studying with it and has already announced that it will not raise fees for EU students.

Individuals looking to invest can now take advantage of the economic uncertainty caused by the “Leave” vote, including lower interest rates on mortgages, less competition and potentially more favourable UK property investment regulations.

One Touch Property is a property investment company that sources investment rental property including student accommodation investments, high yield property such as hotel rooms and buy-to-let investments for people looking for income producing investments.

A Brief Rundown of Businesses

Why Remote Computer Support is a Good Business

The manner by which we communicate with customers today is not necessarily face to face. Consultants can often please their clients and take care of business through remote support.

So, if you have a computer repair business you can expand your troubleshooting and fixing a wide variety of computer software related problems is by doing remote support. Though it is unlikely to replace your physical computer repair work, but it does allow you to save time with your current work and expand your service area. In other words, you can expand you computer repair business when it comes to troubleshooting and fixing a wide range of software related computer issues and network connectivity problems and hardware issues by doing remote support.

It is still another way of supporting a business technically similar to an on-site visit but it is remotely done through telephone, email, text, or instant messaging, online chat or even remote desktop control.
Lessons Learned About Experts

There are no problems with big companies who have their own technical support teams, but computer support firms are needed mostly by small companies and individuals for their computer related problems, which they are sometimes consult the internet for solutions.
Learning The Secrets About Services

If you want to save on billable hours, it is better to do repairs through online means than wasting your time travelling to your client’s office. There are no travelling hassles when you do remote computer support and the clients can save on cost because without travel expenses you can give cheaper services. Your business is then being handled efficiently and effectively.

Doing as many jobs as you can is possible with remote computer support. You can in more than one occasion have six remote sessions going at one time. If each client’s problem takes an hour to resolve, then you have six billable hours done in an hour. This type of situation, of course, must be handled with care. If you had not been double-dipping you would have taken significantly less time in a client’s concern than an hour so you cannot bill your client an hour’s job. In other words, if this is handled properly, remote support enables you to get much more done in less time.

Working even after business hours is possible if you work at home. People who cannot have their computer fixed until after work hours can be served by you. Working in an environment that is very private and not intrusive and you have complete control of everything will allow you the freedom to work as much and as long as you would want to. You will have a lot more client if you do remote computer support since you are able to handle multiple tasks in a certain period of time.